The Carson Valley Quilt Guild
2018 National Quilt Show


2016 Quilt Show Winners

Photographs by: Jim Gibson

01 Applique Large - Judged One Person
Floral-Fling_sm.jpg First Place - Hattan, Shireen, Floral Fling - Longarm (non-computer aided)
Second Place - Kyllingstad, Diane, Stars Over my Garden - Traditional Quilt
Third Place - O'Brien, Shirley, Whimsical Garden
Sports Theme - Riley, Debbie, Baseball
Senior over age 80 - Bentley, Madeleine, Hawaiian Sunshine
02 Applique Small - Judged one person
Nanas-Baltimore_sm.jpg Best of Show, First Place - Gibson, Marilyn, Nana's Baltimore
Second Place - Peets, Terrie, Four Paws in Stitches
Third Place - Lampson, Nancy, Flower Medallion
Miniature (to scale) Miniature (to scale) - Brown, Cecile, Bordering on Obsession
Hand Quilted - Cole, Maureen, A to Z in Living Color
03 Pieced Large - Judged one person
Paisley-Star_sm.jpg First Place - Bilansky, Ruthann, Paisley Star
Second Place - Graeber, Carol Linda, 2342 Pieces of Time
Third Place - O’Brien, Shirley, Antique Stars
04 Pieced Small - Judged one person
Going-in-Circles_sm.jpg First Place, First Entry - Bordenkircher, Sharon, Going in Circles
Second Place - Bordenkircher, Sharon, Lone Star
Third Place -  McKee, Sarahjo, Tahoe Blue
Back Art -  McKee, Sarahjo, I'm a Little Modern, He's totally Traditional
Machine Quilted (domestic) -  Shugren, Lorna, White Chocolates
06 Mixed/Mixed Media Small - Judged one person
Andrews-Porthole_sm.jpg First Place, Animal –  Long-Turner, Kathy, Andrew's Porthole
Second Place, Painted –  Ryan, Nancy, Moon Glow
Third Place, Holiday – Coffey, Norma, Spooky Halloween
Whimisical/Humorous – Lampson, Nancy, Stitches of Laughter
07 Applique Large - Judged two person
Garden-Fantasy_sm.jpg First Place – Lewis, Marty, Garden Fantasy
Second Place –  Smith, Sheri, My Wool-msical Quilt
08 Applique Small - Judged two person
  Third Place – Sampson, Joan, Sparkling Wine on the Vine
09 Pieced Large - Judged two person
Dragon-Tale_sm.jpg First Place – Bergmann, Linda, Dragon Tale
Second Place – Peets, Terrie, Grannie's Stars
Third Place – McKee, Sarahjo, This is Crazy!
10 Pieced Small - Judged two person
Micky_sm.jpg First Place – Bush, Mickey, My 65
Second Place –Baker, Pat, Bubblegum and Lime ade
Third Place – Miller, Carolyn, St. Mark's Christmas
Youth/Student Quilt – Fuller, Bethany, Turbulance Tamed
11 Mixed/Mixed Media Large - Judged two person
Hillside-Houses_sm.jpg First Place, Group Quilt (3 or more) – Schmidt, Denise, Hillside Houses
Second Place – Nufer, Beth, Mimi's View
Show Theme – Brown, Cecile, World Traveler
Embellished, Judges Choice – Roldao, Lynne, City Quilt
12 Mixed/Mixed Media Small - Judged two person
  Third Place, Machine Embroidery – Mahoney, Anita, Golden Tapestry
13 Art, Representational - Judged one or more persons
Caterpillar-Cuisine_sm.jpg First Place – Neri, Linda, Caterpillar Cuisine
Second Place – Hanscom, Penny, Different Points of View
Third Place –  Neri, Linda, Lofty Loitering
Landscape –  Lile, Laurie, Beneath Job's Peak
14 Art, Abstract - Judged one or more persons
Klimt-in-Jewel-Tones_sm.jpg First Place – Hanscom, Penny, Klimt in Jewel Tones
Second Place – Simonds, Sigrid, Light into Dark
Third Place – Schmidt, Kathleen, The Green Man
Wholecloth – Stier Whipker, Kathleen, Polly Pocket Feathers

2016 First Place Winners