The Carson Valley Quilt Guild
2018 National Quilt Show

Quilt Show Policies

Quilt Show Etiquette

Please do not touch the quilts. White gloved hostesses are on the show floor and will be happy to help you take a closer look. No food or drinks are allowed inside the gymnasium. Please do not photograph anything in the vendors’ booths without asking permission of the vendor. For their safety, an adult must attend to children at all times. Lost and found articles may be turned in at the entry table.

Photography Policy

Photos taken at the “Our World In Stitches" quilt show are for your personal enjoyment and for sharing with family, friends, or guild members who could not attend. Photos are not to be used for any commercial purpose. Photos are not to be posted on any website which permits images to be used on items that may be purchased, such as T-shirts, mugs, note cards, etc. If you want to post photos on your personal website, you must include appropriate credit for each quilt artist and a note stating that the photos were taken at the Carson Valley Quilt Guild’s “Our World In Stitches" . Thank you for your cooperation.