The Carson Valley Quilt Guild
2016 National Quilt Show


June 4-5, 2016

10AM - 4PM

**New Location**
Douglas County Senior and Community Center
1329 Waterloo Lane
Gardnerville, Nv 89423

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Challenge Quilt 2016 Guidelines

The Challenge Quilt is open to CVQG members only.

Our Challege for "Our World in Stitches"

Each challenge should be the artists representation of the shows theme. Two fabrics have been selected that need to be used in a recognizable form in each quilt. The quilt cannot exceed 120 inches in circumference, and yes the globe was measured and met the criteria (it has a zipper in it)!

  • 1st place winner is Debbie Riley
  • 2nd place winner is Julie Thomas and Cecile Brown
  • 3rd place winner is Terrie Peets


2016 Quilt Show Winners

01 Applique Large - Judged one person
First Place - Hattan, Shireen, Floral Fling - Longarm (non-computer aided)
Second Place - Kyllingstad, Diane, Stars Over my Garden - Traditional Quilt
Third Place -  O'Brien, Shirley, Whimsical Garden
Sports Theme - Riley, Debbie, Baseball
Senior over age 80 - Bentley, Madeleine, Hawaiian Sunshine

02 Applique Small - Judged one person
Best of Show, First Place - Gibson, Marilyn, Nana's Baltimore
Second Place - Peets, Terrie, Four Paws in Stitches
Third Place - Lampson, Nancy, Flower Medallion
Miniature (to scale) Miniature (to scale) - Brown, Cecile, Bordering on Obsession
Hand Quilted - Cole, Maureen, A to Z in Living Color

03 Pieced Large - Judged one person
First Place - Bilansky, Ruthann, Paisley Star
Second Place - Graeber, Carol Linda, 2342 Pieces of Time
Third Place - O’Brien, Shirley, Antique Stars

04 Pieced Small - Judged one person
First Place, First Entry - Bordenkircher, Sharon, Going in Circles
Second Place - Bordenkircher, Sharon, Lone Star
Third Place -  McKee, Sarahjo, Tahoe Blue
Back Art -  McKee, Sarahjo, I'm a Little Modern, He's totally Traditional
Machine Quilted (domestic) -  Shugren, Lorna, White Chocolates

06 Mixed/Mixed Media Small - Judged one person
First Place, Animal –  Long-Turner, Kathy, Andrew's Porthole
Second Place, Painted –  Ryan, Nancy, Moon Glow
Third Place, Holiday – Coffey, Norma, Spooky Halloween
Whimisical/Humorous – Lampson, Nancy, Stitches of Laughter

07 Applique Large - Judged two person
First Place – Lewis, Marty, Garden Fantasy
Second Place –  Smith, Sheri, My Wool-msical Quilt
08 Applique Small - Judged two person
Third Place – Sampson, Joan, Sparkling Wine on the Vine

09 Pieced Large - Judged two person
First Place – Bergmann, Linda, Dragon Tale
Second Place – Peets, Terrie, Grannie's Stars
Third Place – McKee, Sarahjo, This is Crazy!

10 Pieced Small - Judged two person
First Place – Bush, Mickey, My 65
Second Place –Baker, Pat, Bubblegum and Lime ade
Third Place – Miller, Carolyn, St. Mark's Christmas
Youth/Student Quilt – Fuller, Bethany, Turbulance Tamed

11 Mixed/Mixed Media Large - Judged two person
First Place, Group Quilt (3 or more) – Schmidt, Denise, Hillside Houses
Second Place – Nufer, Beth, Mimi's View
Show Theme – Brown, Cecile, World Traveler
Embellished, Judges Choice – Roldao, Lynne, City Quilt

12 Mixed/Mixed Media Small - Judged two person
Third Place, Machine Embroidery – Mahoney, Anita, Golden Tapestry

13 Art, Representational - Judged one or more persons
First Place – Neri, Linda, Caterpillar Cuisine
Second Place – Hanscom, Penny, Different Points of View
Third Place –  Neri, Linda, Lofty Loitering
Landscape –  Lile, Laurie, Beneath Job's Peak

14 Art, Abstract - Judged one or more persons
First Place – Hanscom, Penny, Klimt in Jewel Tones
Second Place – Simonds, Sigrid, Light into Dark
Third Place – Schmidt, Kathleen, The Green Man
Wholecloth – Stier Whipker, Kathleen, Polly Pocket Feathers