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Entry Rules & Procedures

Dates to Remember

February 1, 2018
Begin accepting entries. May not be postmarked before this date.

April 18, 2018
Entry Deadline. Final date entries may be postmarked.

No sooner than: May 23, 2018
No later than: May 27 , 2018
Quilts may be mailed to:

Vicki Finchum
855 Maplewood Drive
Minden, NV 89423

May 26 or 27, 2018
Quilts may be dropped off at:

Sarah Jo McKee
1452 Cardiff Dr.
Gardnerville, NV 89460
Times: 10am – 3pm Both Days

June 2 & 3, 2018
Carson Valley Quilt Guild 2018 Quilt Show

Douglas County Community and
Senior Center
1329 Waterloo Lane
Gardnerville, NV 89410
Ticket cost: $10
Saturday, June 2, 2018 – 10am – 4pm
Sunday, June 3, 2018 – 10am – 4pm

June 3, 2018
Quilts can be picked up no sooner than 5:45 at the end of the show.

Before / By June 13, 2018
Quilts not picked up at the show will be shipped to the entrants only if a pre-paid shipping label has been included with the entry.

Entry Rules

  • Winner of Best of Show cannot have won this award (BOS) for either of the two (2) prior shows or five (5) years.
  • No quilt can win more than two monetary awards. If it is considered for more than two (2), the judge would decide which two, except in the case of viewer’s choice. It then would be three (3).
  • You may enter any of the quilts you, or you with another person, have finished after June, 2016. No quilt entries may exceed a Width of 118” or a Length of 120”.
  • The entry fee for Guild Members is $10.00 for the first entry and $5.00 for each additional entry up to three (3) quilts. Non-Members entry fee is $20.00 for the first entry and $5.00 for each additional entry up to three (3) quilts. CVQG Members may enter the Challenge quilt as a (4th) fourth entry.
  • The cost for Student/Senior entry is $5.00 for up to three (3) quilts. There is no judging fee required.
  • There is no fee for entering a CVQG Challenge quilt “Stars Above the Sierras.”
  • If you want any quilt judged, the cost will be an additional $5.00 per quilt. This fee is waived for Students (18yrs or younger) and Seniors (80yrs or older). Ribbons/prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the judge. Except for Student category entries, no tied (except crazy quilts), kits, block of the month (BOM) quilts, or panels (unless different fabric chosen for BOM or otherwise significantly altered by quilter) will be accepted. (See definitions below.)
  • Mailed entries require one color photo (4” x 6” only) to be submitted for each quilt. On the back of the photo, please print or type your name, phone number, name of the quilt and the quilt dimensions. Please include the photo, but do not staple it to the form.
  • Entry forms must be filled out completely and signed. One quilt entry per form. Keep a copy of the entry form(s) for your records.
  • Entry forms and fees may be submitted by mail to:
    • Vicki Finchum
      855 Maplewood Drive
      Minden, NV 89423
  • All quilts must have a 4 inch finished sleeve sewn onto the back at the top of the quilt. Your sleeve must meet these requirements in order to accommodate show frames. Non-compliance with these requirements may result in elimination. You MUST cover any personal label with a piece of muslin or other fabric.It may be safety pinned or basted. During the time you bring your quilt to “Take In,” May 26th or 27th, a show identification label will be pinned to your quilt back.
  • Carson Valley Quilt Guild cash award sponsors may participate in the Judged Competition, but will qualify for ribbons only.
  • The determination of awards by the judge is final. At the judge’s discretion, Honorable Mention Ribbons may be awarded with no prize money awarded.
  • No false backed quilts will be eligible for judging.The judge needs to be able to see the quality of quilting front and back.
  • Carson Valley Quilt Guild reserves the right:
    • To refuse to hang any quilt that exhibits poor quality construction, has been misrepresented by the photograph, is soiled or stained, or does not adhere to the size restrictions.
    • To combine categories, depending on the number of entries.
    • To jury quilt entries if necessary due to the number of entries.
    • To change a category if deemed that the entry better fits into another category.
  • If you are mailing quilts to the show, you are responsible for mailing costs to and from the show.A return pre-paid shipping label must be included with entry. Quilts must be received no sooner than May 23, 2018, and no later than May 27, 2018.
  • Insurance is the sole responsibility of the entrant. CVQG and its sponsors assume no liability for the loss or damage to the quilts. CVQG will take every precaution to protect your items.
  • Quilts will be ready for pick up Sunday, June 3, 2018, after the take down of the show at the Douglas County Community and Senior Center. Quilts will be handed to you by a show representative to facilitate a smooth finish. Please have the entry receipt ready for verification, which you received at “Take In.” We will release quilts by 5:45pm.
  • If you made arrangements for your quilt(s) to be mailed, the entry committee will complete this activity within 10 days of the end of the show using the return label/postage and container that you included with the quilt entry. (see #16 above)
  • The following may be judged but, are NOT eligible for prize money.
    • Tied: Layers are joined using yarn or floss and tied with a knot at intervals across the quilt. Exception: Crazy Quilts and Students.
    • Kit: A kit is defined as a project purchased in its entirety which includes pre-selected fabrics for a particular pattern. A kit is also considered as such if someone buys a pattern and uses substantially the same fabrics as in a kit or as shown on the pattern.
    • Block of the Month: These are a type of kit with pattern and specific fabric selected to be used for each block. Exception: If entrant has selected a different group of fabric.
    • Panels: Large section of a fabric that is a “stand alone” section that could be used for the entire quilt top. Exception: If the panel is significantly altered in such a way that it is no longer recognized as its original concept.
    • “Row by Row Experience”: These quilts will only be accepted in the non-judged categories.

Judged Categories

Large Quilts: (240" perimeter or larger, with maximum dimensions not to exceed 118” in Width or 120” in Length) Small Quilts: Less than 240" perimeter

One Person Quilts:
Both Method and Quilting

Two Person Quilts:
Both Method and Quilting

Either one, or more than one person

1. Appliqué Large

7. Appliqué Large

13. Art Representational
(Recognizable Person, Place or Thing)

2. Appliqué Small

8. Appliqué Small

3. Pieced Large

9. Pieced Large

4. Pieced Small

10. Pieced Small

14. Art, Original Design

5. Mixed/Mixed Media Large

11. Mixed/Mixed Media Large

15. Other – See Definition Below

6. Mixed/Mixed Media Small

12. Mixed/Mixed Media Small

Judge Definitions:

  • Quilt: Each quilt entered must have three distinct layers (quilt top, batting, backing), and must be quilted through all three layers. No false backs allowed.
  • Quilt Entrant: Entrant is the person who constructed the quilt top. Each entrant may enter up to three quilts.
  • Two Person Quilt: Any quilt that two people worked on, in any way, during the construction, quilting or finishing. This includes quilting done for hire. All work may be done by hand, by machine, or any combination.
  • Track Machine Quilting: Machine quilted on a frame where the needle is moved over the stationary quilt; such as, a long-arm.
    • Stationary Machine Quilting: The quilt moved under the stationary needle; such as a domestic machine or a quilting machine that is not on a frame.
    • Computer Aided: When the quilter uses digitized designs, machine embroidery that is the quilting, or other computer-aided techniques used for the quilt stitches, where the machine is guiding the stitching rather than the operator, select this category. If, however, the quilter is guiding the stitches – and not the machine – on a computerized machine, then do not use this category.
  • Free Motion: Quilted on either a track or stationary machine where computer assistance was not utilized. Generally quilter’s hands determine the quilt stitches. Includes ruler work and pantos (if not computer assisted), along with other quilting designs that were either created by quilter, stencil, or other method. Stitch regulator can be utilized.
  • Hand Quilted: Quilts of all sizes and techniques that are completely hand quilted.

Judged Category Descriptions:

  • Applique: A quilt that used applique, either hand or machine, as the predominant construction technique. It may be hand or machine quilted. It may be completely constructed and quilted by one person, or the quilting may be done by a second person.
  • Pieced: A quilt that uses piecing, by hand or machine, as the predominant construction technique. It may be hand or machine quilted. It may be completely constructed by one person, or the quilting may be done by a second person.
  • Mixed/Mixed Media: A quilt that uses a balanced combination of any two or more methods. It may be completely constructed and quilted by one person, or the quilting may be done by a second person. Examples of mixed media methods would include, but are not limited to, roughly equally appliqued or pieced, embroidery, embellishment, painting, printing, and thread play IF they are predominant in the quilt.
  • Art Representational: A quilt depicting a person, place, thing, or scene in a realistic or abstract manner. It may include piecing, any type of appliqué, embellishments or surface design techniques. It may be completely constructed and quilted by one person or the quilting may be done by a second person. This is a single category for 1 or 2 persons and a quilt of any size.
  • Art, Original Design: A quilt of original design made with artistic intent that uses color, design, and construction techniques to create a work that expands beyond traditional quilts. Original designs are composed first-hand, a fresh design or style without copying the work or using the patterns of other artists.
  • Other: Quilts in this Category #15 will automatically be considered for a Special Cash Award if it is determined by the judge or judging committee that it fits into one of the subcategories. See Special Cash Awards Category.
  • BOM (Block of the Month) & Kit Quilts: Kits include patterns, fabrics, and/or quilting designs pre-packaged as a unit (this would include individually packaged blocks that are later combined into one quilt.) This would also include a preprinted whole-cloth quilt.

The term “Modern Quilt” is not to be judged in a separate category, but compete in its proper classification above.

Multiple paneled quilts must be mounted on black fabric which has a four inch (4”) sleeve. Top half of quilt should be sewn securely to black fabric with bottom of quilt loose for judging. These quilts are considered one entry and eligible for one prize. Measurements apply to entire ensemble.

Non-Judged Categories

16. One Person

17. More Than One Person

Regular Cash Awards by Category

Best of Show - $1000

Sponsor (FPA): Best Fusion of
color & design - $350

Show Chair: Can name award for each show - $350

Viewers’ Choice - $250

1. Applique Large-One Person
1st Place - $650
2nd Place - $450
3rd Place - $125

2. Applique Small-One Person
1st Place - $475
2nd Place - $275
3rd Place - $125

3. Pieced Large-One Person
1st Place - $650
2nd Place - $450
3rd Place - $125

4. Pieced Small-One Person
1st Place - $475
2nd Place - $275
3rd Place - $125

5. Mixed/Mixed Media Large-One Person
1st Place - $650
2nd Place - $450
3rd Place - $125

6. Mixed/Mixed Media Small-One Person
1st Place - $475
2nd Place - $275
3rd Place - $125

7. Applique Large-Two Person
1st Place - $650
2nd Place - $450
3rd Place - $125

8. Applique Small-Two Person
1st Place - $475
2nd Place - $275
3rd Place - $125

9. Pieced Large-Two Person
1st Place - $650
2nd Place - $450
3rd Place - $125

10. Pieced Small-Two Person
1st Place - $475
2nd Place - $275
3rd Place - $125

11. Mixed/Mixed Media Large-Two Person
1st Place - $650
2nd Place - $450
3rd Place - $125

12. Mixed/Mixed Media Small-Two Person
1st Place - $475
2nd Place - $275
3rd Place - $125

13. Art Representational-One or More Persons
1st Place - $650
2nd Place - $450
3rd Place - $125

14. Art Original Design-One or More Persons
1st Place - $650
2nd Place - $450
3rd Place - $125

15. Other: Special Cash Awards

Award Distribution

One Person Categories:
The entrant will receive the ribbon and the prize money.

Two Person Categories:
Two ribbons will be awarded and the entrant will receive the prize money.

Special Cash Awards

Judged entries are included in the consideration for these Cash Awards. Awards are determined by the judge in the categories noted below, but are not limited to these categories. Award cash amounts are determined by the sponsor. The total of the Special Cash Awards is the residual of $20,000 less the Regular Cash Awards actually granted.Actual cash prize money per quilt is determined by the number of special awarded quilts that the judge deems worthy of such an award.

  • Student
  • Hand Quilting Award
  • Hand Pieced Award
  • Computer-Aided Track Qtg
  • Track Quilting, Non-Computer
  • Wholecloth(not preprinted)
  • Non-Track or Stationary, like DSM
  • Unusual/Delightful Quilting
  • Hand Pieced
  • Embellishment
  • Cathedral Window
  • Crazy Quilt
  • Digitized and/or Photo Design
  • Miniature, max 96” perimeter, Reduced Scale
  • Whimsical/Humorous
  • Group Quilt (over two people)
  • Painted
  • Modern Quilt Design
  • Modern Quilting
  • Best Show Theme (typically Challenge Quilts)
  • Best Theme, Non-Show Based
  • Best Holiday
  • Best Reproduction of a Historical Quilt
  • Best Machine Embroidery
  • Best hand embroidery
  • Fabric Used That is Designed/Made by Quilt Maker
  • Senior Over Age 80
  • Miniature
  • Ruler Work
  • Other Unusual Entry


  • To determine the perimeter of your quilt: width + length x 2 = perimeter.
  • For odd shapes, measure the total distance around the outside of your quilt.
  • To determine the size of a circle, measure across the center in both directions and use these measurements as length and width.

Check List

  • The Entry Form is completed with all information clearly printed.
  • You need to retain one copy of the completed entry form for your records.
  • One color 4x6 photo has been included with the following information printed on the back: your name, phone number, name of quilt and dimensions of quilt.
  • You MUST cover your personal label with fabric.
  • You enclosed your check along with the original entry form.
  • If mailed, you have included your return pre-paid postage label.

Determining your entry fees:

Guild Members - up to three (3) entries


Entry Fee- Judged and Non-Judged

Judging fees


Quilt #1

$ 10.00

$ 5.00

Quilt #2

$ 5.00

$ 5.00

Quilt #3

$ 5.00

$ 5.00

Guild Challenge-(Members only)

$ -0-

$ 5.00

Student/Senior (up to three quilts)

$ 5.00

$ -0-

Non Guild Members – up to three (3) entries

Quilt #1

$ 20.00

$ 5.00

Quilt #2

$ 5.00

$ 5.00

Quilt #3

$ 5.00

$ 5.00

Total Fees:

Please make check payable to CVQG.

Carson Valley Quilt Guild

P.O. Box 2541
Minden, Nv. 89423
Nancy Lampson, President
nlquilter (at) charter.net

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